Classic Organic Reactions

Acetoacetic Ester Condensation
Acetoacetic Ester Syntheses
Acyloin Condensation
Adkins Catalyst
Adkins-Peterson Reaction
Akabori Amino Acid Reactions
Alder-Rickert Rule
Alder-Stein Rules
Allan-Robinson Reaction
Allylic Rearrangement
Amadori Rearrangement
Andrussov Oxidation
Arens-van Dorp Synthesis; Isler Modification
Arndt-Eistert Synthesis
Auwers Synthesis
Aza-Claisen Rearrangemment
Baeyer-Drewson Indigo Synthesis
Baeyer-Villiger Rearrangement
Baker-Venkataraman Transformation
Bally-Scholl Synthesis
Bamberger Rearrangement
Bamberger Triazine Synthesis
Bamford-Stevans Reaction
Barbier-Wieland Degradation
Barbier Reaction
Bardhan-Senguph Phenanthrene Synthesis
Barton Reaction
Baudisch Reaction
Bechamp Reaction
Beckmann Rearrangement
Benary Reaction
Benkeser Reduction
Benzidine Rearrangement; Semidine Rearrangement
Benzilic Acid Rearrangement
Benzoin Condensation
Bergman Reaction
Bergmann Azlactone Peptide Synthesis
Bergmann Degradation
Bergamann-Zevars Carbobenzoxy Method
Bernthsen Acridine Synthesis
Betti Reaction
Biginelli Pyrimidine Syntheis
Birch Reduction
Bischler Indole Synthesis
Bischler-Napieralski Reaction.
Bischler-Triazine Synthesis
Blaise Ketone Synthesis
Blaise Reaction
Blanc(Chloromethylation ) Reaction
Blanc Reaction(Blanc Rule)
Bodroux-Chichibabin Aldehyde Synthesis
Bodroux Reaction
Bogert-Cook Synthesis
Bohn-Schmidt Reaction
Boord Olefin Synthesis
Borsche-Drechsel Cyclization.
Bosch-Meiser Urea Process
Bouveault Aldehyde Synthesis
Bouveault-Blanc Reduction
Boyland-Sims Oxidation
von Braun Degradations; von Braun Cyanogen Bromide Reaction
Bradsher Cyclization(Bradsher Cycloaddition)
Bradsher Reaction
Brook Rearrangement
Bucherer-Bergs Reaction
Bucherer Carbazole Synthesis
Bucherer Reaction
Buchner-Curtius-Schlotterbeck Reaction.
Buchner Method of Ring Enlargement
Buchwald-Hartwig Cross Coupling Reaction
Camps Quinoline Synthesis
Cannizzaro Reaction
Carroll Reaction
Castro-Stephens Coupling(Castro Reaction,Stephens-Castro Coupling)
Chapman Rearrangement
Chichibabin Pyridine Synthesis
Chichibabin Reaction
Chugaev Method
Chugaev Reaction(Tshugaeff Olefin Synthesis)
Ciamician-Dennstedt Rearrangement
Claisen Condensation
Claisen Rearrangement
Claisen Schmidt Condensation
Clemmensen Reaction
Combes Quinoline Synthesis.
Conrad-Limpach Synthesis
Cope Elimination Reaction
Cope Rearrangement
Corey-Bakshi-Shibata Reduction(CBS)
Corey-Kim Oxidation
Corey-Winter Olefin Synthesis
Cornforth Rearrangement
Craig Method
Criegee Reaction
Cram's Rule of Asymmetric Induction
Creighton Process
Criegee Reaction
Crum Brown-Gibson Rule
Curtius Rearrangement (Curtious Reaction)
Dakin Reaction
Dakin-West Reaction
Darapsky Degradation
Darzens Condensation (Darzens-Claisen Reaction; Glycidic Ester Condensation)
Darzens Procedure
Darzens Synthesis of Tetralin Derivatives
Darzens-Nenitzescu Synthesis of Ketones
Delepine Reactions
Demjanov Rearrangement
Dess-Martin Oxidation
D-Homo Rearrangement of Steroids
Dieckmann Reaction
Diels Alder Reaction
Diels Reese Reaction
Dienol Benzene Rearrangement
Dienone-Phenol Rearrangement
Dimroth Rearrangement
Doebner Reaction
Doebner-Miller Synthesis (Beyer Method for Quinolines).
Doering-LaFlamme Carbon Chain Extension
Dotz Reaction
Dowd-Beckwith Ring Expansion Reaction
Duff Reaction
Dutt-Wormall Reaction
Eastwood Reaction (Eastwood Deoxygenation)
Eder Reaction
Edman Degradation
Ehrlich-Sachs Reaction
Einhorn-Brunner Reaction
Elbs Persulfate Oxidation
Elbs Reaction
Eltekoff Reaction
Emde Degradation
Emmert Reaction
Ene Reaction ( Alder-Ene Reaction)
Erlenmeyer-Plochl Azlactone and Amino Acid Synthesis
Eschenmoser Coupling Reaction (Sulfide Contraction)
Eschweiler-Clarke Reaction.
Etard Reaction
Favorskii-Babayan Synthesis.
Favorskii Rearrangement
Feist-Benary Synthesis
Fenton Reaction
Ferrario Reaction
Fickelstein Reaction
Fischer-Hepp Rearrangement
Fischer Indole Synthesis
Fischer Oxazole Synthesis
Fischer Peptide Synthesis
Fischer Phenylhydrazine Reaction
Fischer Phenylhydrazone and Oxazone Reaction
Fischer-Speier Esterification Method
Flood Reaction
Forster-Decker Method
Forster Reaction
Franchimont Reaction
Frankland-Duppa Reaction
Frankland Synthesis
Freund Reaction
Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Friedlaender Synthesis
Fries Rearrangement
Fritsch-Buttenberg-Wischell Rearrangement
Fujimoto-Belleau Reaction
Gabriel-Coleman Rearrangement(Gabriel Isoquinoline Synthesis)
Gabriel Ethylenimine Method
Gabriel Synthesis
Gallagher-Hollander Degradation
Gastaldi Synthesis
Gattermann Aldehyde Synthesis
Gattermann-Koch Reaction
Gattermann-Skita Synthesis
Gibbs Phthalic Anhydride Process
Glaser Coupling
Gogte Synthesis
Goldschmidt Process
Gomberg-Bachmann-Hey Reaction
Gomberg-Free Radical Reaction
Gould-Jacobs Reaction
Graebe-Ullmann Synthesis
Griess Diazo Reaction; Witt and KnoevenagelDiazotization Methods
Grignard Degradation
Grignard Reaction
Grundmann Aldehyde Synthesis
Gryszkiewicz-Trochimowski and McCombie Method.
Guareschi-Thorpe Condensation
Guerbet Reaction
Gutknecht Pyrazine Synthesis.
Haller-Bauer Reaction
Hammick Picolinic Acid Decarboxylation (Hammick Reaction).
Hantzsch Pyridine Synthesis;Gattermann-Skita Synthesis;Guareschi-Thorpe Condens.;Knoevenagel-Fries Modification
Hantzch Pyrrole Synthesis
Harries Ozonide Reaction
Haworth Methylation
Haworth Phenanthrene Synthesis.
Hayashi Rearrangement
Helferich Method
Heck Reaction
Hell-Vollard-Zelinsky Halogenation
Henkel Reaction(Raecke process,Henkel process )
HERON Rearrangement (Heteroatom Rearrangements on Nitrogen)
Henry Reaction;Kamlet Reaction
Herz Reaction; Herz Compounds
Herzig-Meyer Alkimide Group Determination
Heumann Indigo Synthesis
Hilbert-Johnson Reaction
Hinsberg Oxindole and Oxiquinoline Synthesis
Hinsberg Reaction
Hinsberg Sulfone Synthesis
Hinsberg Synthesis of Thiophene Derivatives
Hoch-Campbell Ethylenimine Synthesis
Hofmann Degradation(Exhaustive Methylation )
Hofmann Isonitrile Synthesis (Carbylamine Reaction).
Hofmann-Loffler Reaction (Loffler-Freytag Reaction)
Hofmann-Martius Rearrangement
Hofmann Reaction (Hofmann Rearrangement)
Hofmann Rule
Hofmann-Sand Reactions
Hooker Reaction
Houben-Fischer Synthesis
Houben-Hoesch Reaction
Hunsdiecker Reaction(Borodine Reaction)
Hydroboration Reaction
Ivanov(Ivanoff) Reagent
Jacobsen Epoxidation
Jacobsen Rearrangement
Janovsky Reaction
Japp-Klingemann Reaction
Jones Oxidation
Jourdan-Ullmann-Goldberg Synthesis
Julia Olefination (Julia-Lythgoe Olefination)
Kendall-Mattox Reaction
Kiliani-Fischer Synthesis
Kishner Cyclopropane Synthesis
Knoevenagel Condensation
Knoop-Oesterlin Amino Acid Synthesis
Knorr Pyrazole Synthesis
Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis
Knorr Quinoline Synthesis
Koch-Haaf Carboxylations
Kochi Reaction
Koenigs-Knorr Synthesis
Kolbe Electrolytic Synthesis
Kolbe-Schmitt Reaction
Kondakov Rule
Kontanecki Acylation
Krafft Degradation
Krapcho Decarbaloxylation
Krohnke Aldehyde Synthesis (Krohnke Oxidation)
Krohnke Pyridine Synthesis
Kucherov Reaction
Kuhn-Winterstein Reaction.
Ladenburg Rearrangement
Lebedev Process
Lehmstedt-Tanasescu Reaction
Letts Nitrile Synthesis
Leuckert Amide Synthesis
Leuckart(Leukart) Reaction
Leuckart Thiophenol Reaction
Leuckart-Wallach Reaction
Levinstein Process
Lieben Iodoform Reaction (Haloform Reaction)
Lobry de Bruyn-van Ekenstein Transformation
Lossen Rearrangement
McFadyen-Stevens Reaction
McLafferty Rearrangement
Madelung Synthesis
Malaprade Reaction (Periodic Acid Oxidation)
Malonic Ester Synthesis
Mannich Reaction
McMurry Reaction
Merckwald Asymmetric Synthesis
Markownikoff Rule
Martinet Dioxindole Synthesis
ter Meer Reaction
Meerwein Arylation
Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley Reduction;
Meisenheimer Rearrangements
Meldrum Acid
Menshutkin Reaction
Mentzer Pyrone Synthesis
Merrifield Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS)
Meyer and Hartmann Reaction
Meyer Reaction
Meyer-Schuster Rearrangement; Rupe Reaction
Meyer Synthesis ( Victor Meyer Synthesis)
Meyers Aldehyde Synthesis
Michael Reaction (Condensation, Addition)
Michaelis-Arbuzov Reaction
Miescher Degradation
Mignonac Reaction
Milas Hydroxylation of Olefins
Mislow-Evans Rearrangement
Mitsunobu Reaction
Moore Myers Cyclization
Mukaiyama Aldol Reaction
Mukaiyama-Michael Reaction
Nagata Hydrocyanation
Nametkin Rearrangement
Nazarov Cyclization Reaction
Neber Rearrangement
Nef Reaction
Nef Synthesis
Negishi Cross Coupling
Nenitzescu Indole Synthesis
Nenitzescu Reductive Acylation
Niementowski Quinazoline Reaction
Niementowski Quinoline Synthesis
Nierenstein Reaction
Normant Reagents
Norrish Type Cleavage
Noyori Hydrogenation
Nozaki-Hiyama Coupling Reaction (Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi Reaction)
Olefin Metathesis
Oppenauer Oxidation
Overman Rearrangement
Paal-Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis
Paneth Technique
Parham Cyclization
Paolini Reaction
Passerini Reaction
Paterno-Büchi Reaction
Pauson-Khand Reaction
Payne Rearrangement
Pechmann Condensation
Pechmann Pyrazole Synthesis
Pellizzari Reaction
Pelouze Synthesis
Perkin Alicyclic Synthesis
Perkin Reaction
Perkin Rearrangement (Coumarin—Benzofuran Ring Contraction).
Perkow Reaction
Peterson Reaction (Olefination)
Petrenko-Kritschenko Piperidone Synthesis
Pfau-Plattner Azulene Synthesis
Pfitzinger Reaction
Pfitzner-Moffatt Oxidation (Moffatt Oxidation)
Pictet-Gams Isoquinoline Synthesis
Pictet-Hubert Reaction
Pictet-Spengler Isoquinoline Synthesis
Piloty Alloxazine Synthesis
Piloty-Robinson Pyrrole Synthesis
Pinacol Coupling Reaction
Pinacol Rearrangement
Pinner Amidine Synthesis
Pinner Method for Ortho Esters
Pinner Triazine Synthesis
Piria Reaction
Polonovski Reaction
Pomeranz-Fritsch Reaction (Schlittler-Muller Modification)
Ponzio Reaction
Prevost Reaction
Prilezhaev (Prileschajew) Reaction
Prins Reaction
Pschorr Reaction (Pschorr Synthesis)
Pummerer Reaction
Purdie (Irvine-Purdie) Methylation
Quelet Reaction
Ramberg-Bäcklund Reaction
Rap-Stoermer Condensation Salol Reaction
Raschig Phenol Process
Reed Reaction
Reformatsky (Reformatskii) Reaction.
Reilly-Hickinbottom Rearrangement
Reimer-Tiemann Reaction
Reissert Indole Synthesis
Reissert Reaction (Reissert Compounds >)
Reppe Chemistry
Retro-Diels-Alder Reaction
Retropinacol Rearrangement
Reverdin Reaction
Richter (Cinnoline) Synthesis
von Richter Reaction(Rearrangement)
Riehm Quinoline Synthesis
Riemschneider Thiocarbamate Synthesis
Riley Oxidations (Selenium Dioxide Oxidation)
Ritter Reaction
Robinson Annelation Reaction
Robinson-Schopf Reaction
Rosenmund von Braun Synthesis
Rosenmund Reaction(Arsonic Acids)
Rosenmund Reduction
Rothemund Reaction
Rowe Rearrangement
Rubottom Oxidation
Ruff-Fenton Degradation
Ruzicka Large Ring Synthesis
Saegusa Oxidation
Sakurai Reaction (Hosomi-Sakurai Reaction)
Salol Reaction
Sandmeyer Diphenylurea Isatin Synthesis
Sandmeyer Isonitrosoacetanilide Isatin Synthesis
Sandmeyer Reaction
Sarett Oxidation
Saytzeff Rule
Schiemann Reaction
Schiff Reaction(Schiff Bases)
Schmidlin Ketene Synthesis
Schmidt Reaction
Scholl Reaction
Schorigin (Shorygin) Reaction; Wanklyn Reaction
Schollkopf Bis-Lactim Amino Acid Synthesis
Schotten Baumann Reaction
Semmler-Wolff Reaction (Wolff-Semmler Aromatization, Woff Aromatization)
Serini Reaction
Sharpless Dihyroxylation
Sharpless Epoxidation
Sharpless Oxyamination
Simmons-Smith Reaction
Simonini Reaction
Simonis Chromone Cyclization
Skraup Reaction
Smiles Rearrangement
Sommelet Reaction
Sommelet Rearrangement
Sonn-Muller Method
Sorenson Formol Titration
Staedel-Rugheimer Pyrazine Synthesis.
Staudinger Reaction
Stephen Aldehyde Synthesis
Stevens Rearrangement
Stieglitz Rearrangement
Stille Coupling
Stobbe Condensation
Stolle Synthesis
Stork Enamine Alkylation and Acylation
Strecker Amino Acid Synthesis
Strecker Degradation
Strecker Sulfite Alkylation
Stuffer Disulfone Hydrolysis Rule
Suarez Reaction(Suarez Fragmentation)
Sugasawa Reaction
Suzuki Coupling
Swarts Reaction
Swern Oxidation
Tafel Rearrangement
Tebbe Olefination
Thiele Reaction
Thorpe Reaction
Tiemann Rearrangement
Tiffeneau Reaction (Ring Enlargement)
Tishchenko Reaction (Tischischenko-Claisen Reaction)
Tollens Reagent
Traube Purine Synthesis
Trost Allylation ( Tsuji-Trost Reaction)
Trost Desymmetrization
Truce-Smiles Rearrangement
Tscherniac-Einhorn Reaction
Twitchell Process
Tyrer Sulfonation Process
Ugi Reaction (Four component condensation , 4CC)
Ullmann Reaction
Urech Cyanohydrin Method
Urech Hydantoin Synthesis
Van Slyke Determination
Varrentrapp Reaction
Vilsmeier-Haack Reaction
von Braun Degradations; von Braun Cyanogen Bromide Reaction
Voight Amination
Volhard-Erdmann Cyclization
Vorbruggen Glycosylation
Wacker Oxidation
Wagner-Jauregg Reaction
Wagner-Meerwein Rearrangement
Walden Inversion
Wallach Rearrangement
Weerman Degradation
Weiss Reaction
Wenker Ring Closure
Wessely-Moser Rearrangement
Westphalen-Lettré Rearrangement
Wharton Reaction
Whiting Reaction
Wichterle Reaction
Widman-Stoermer Synthesis
Willgerodt-Kindler Reaction
Williamson Synthesis
Wittig Reaction
[1,2]Wittig Rearrangement
[2,3] Wittig Rearrangement
Wohl-Aue Reaction
Wohl Degradation
Wohler Synthesis
Wohl-Ziegler Reaction
Wolffenstein-Boters Reaction
Wolff-Kishner Reduction
Wolff Rearrangement
Woodward cis-Hydroxylation
Wurtz-Fittig Reaction
Wurtz Reaction
Zeisel Determination
Zerevitinov (Zerewitinoff) Determination
Ziegler Method
Zimmermann Reaction
Zincke Disulfide Cleavage
Zinke Nitration
Zinke-Suhl Reaction

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